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1、 We win with high quality
Only with perfect quality system management can we have quality assurance. Delis electronic has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.
Precision high-end testing equipment 100% inspection. Strive to be "100 points high quality products"
Only with quality can we have market, go further, and strive for the quality management concept of survival with quality.

2、 Professional production technology management ability
Pay attention to the process quality control, important performance test and appearance inspection of each work station in the production process. Check the quality level by level.
All staff participate, strengthen management, keep improving and casting quality.

3、 Professional technical and after-sales service team
Provide professional technical support and analysis for customers, follow-up before and after orders. Level by level.
Professional after-sales customer service personnel and online staffing.

Dongguan delis Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional terminal manufacturer integrating research and development of new products, large-scale production and manufacturing, and meeting customer needs and services. The company is located in Dongguan, with more than 300 employees. Its products are mainly divided into five categories, i.e. European terminals, sub terminals, fence terminals, plug-in terminals, through terminals and power and guide rail terminals. They are widely used in servo control, frequency conversion and energy saving, switching power supply, security lighting, power, industrial automation and many other fields.
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